That strong collaboration with Government, Development Partners, and Academia for data-driven sustainable engagement and development! State-of-the-art AI enable techniques, tools, and process for real-time Data Visualization, Management, and Analysis; eg Survey CTO, KOBO collect, Qualtrics GIS, Stata, R, MAXDA, etc. Ethically acceptable engagement with the communities From Uganda to East Africa and beyond we cover through collaboration.


Established in 2016, Matrice360 is a Ugandan-based East African Research and Development consultancy firm specializing in applied Research, Monitoring & Evaluation Learning, and Project Management. Matrice360 serves a diverse clientele including among others; educational institutions and academics, multinational development organizations and agencies, government and government ministries, the private sector, and others. We emphasize the highest professional code of conduct and ethics including transparency and accountability the most competitive product and service quality in the market with the most “peaceful” pricing across all our project undertakings.

Matrice360 is fully registered with the Uganda Registration Services Bureau and Uganda Revenue Authority with a tax certificate and as well with the U.S. government’s System for Award Management (SAM). Our main office is located in Kampala at Ntinda Plot 43 valley cave road.

We also advise and support foreign and domestic researchers in securing the necessary approvals to conduct research in Uganda (including local Institutional Review Boards (IRB), the Uganda National Council for Science and Technology (UNCST), and the office of the president), planning and executing logistics for field-based projects, and conducting secondary data analysis.

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